The Dark

Today I am talking about the level of enamored feelings I have for homes with dark exteriors.

Charcoal, Slate, Navy, Black. It’s such a sexy look. I like the sturdy masculinity and the way a colorful pot of flowers, window trim or a porch swing offers an extreme contrast element instantly. I am finding I have been applying the shades of darkness to my wardrobe more and more and I am not unhappy about that.

This of course means I am about to list a few of my favorite Pinterest finds, just like with the yellow doors, simply as eye candy. I don’t list all of them, but if you follow my Pinterest, you will see a plethora.

This TsAO McKown beauty is quaint, but strong. The interiors are actually very light and full of great lighting which offers balance. Read how the home is described on their site, it’s really thoughtful.

N E W  Y O R K  F A R M

This beach house is spectacular. Located in Sweden and featured on World of Architecture. When I think of a beach home, I envision nautical or tropical color palates. This defies that. Again, the light bright interior balances the exterior which is an obvious move especially with the floor to ceiling windows that allow you to see right in.

S W E D E N  C H I L L

Just as with the Yellow Doors, I have saved a Nashville beauty for last. What struck me first was the hight in the architecture. Designed by Bondies Architect here in Nashville, what I found striking was the ratio of the stone chimney compared to the structure of the far wing. It’s fairly tall and narrow structure and the stacked stone is rather broad, more so than the windows on either side. It’s a really striking home and there is an interior room I am madly in love with. Check out all of the photos here, when you get to the room with a motorcycle, pause and know that it’s making me feel feels.

H I S T O R I C  M O D E R N

2 thoughts on “The Dark

  1. I’ve just spent the better part of my morning quiet time reading up on your life. I miss you so!! We are heading back to high desert in a few weeks. House in the armpit of America is under contract and we’re off to the land of Fry bread and Rodeos and all things I miss so desperately. I hope to see you and that Precious Pipsqueak soon.


    1. Talia!! We need a catch up for sure! I’d love to see the boys sweet faces. And yours! Here is my email, send me your number and we can download on everything!

      Super jealous of the desert return, I love Nashville but I do miss home. I’m going back and spending 5 days in Supai, kid and man free for my 30th so I hope that gives me my fix!


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