Right Now Obsession: Yellow Front Doors

I was recently looking at a photo for a property at work. It’s a music publishing company here in Nashville operating out of an old home, turned office/studio space. A pretty popular happening in these parts. It has a yellow door, when I saw it I knew, I need a house with a yellow door.

We then received record snowfall here and this city is not equipped to handle it, so I have been homebound and on Pinterest too much. What I have found is this is a very Palm Springs trend, and I am on board with that. I love mid-century and the desert so there was certainly a draw. But I also found farmhouses and bungalows and Spanish villas that warmed my soul. So my soul was warmed and so was my body thanks to homemade chicken noodle soup with garlic cheddar dumplings. It is so delicious and so ugly. I took photos, but as with most dishes served in a bowl, it was not appetizing to look at, so you aren’t going to see it.

Below are my favorite finds. In all their cheery, sun shiny warmth.


B L U E  H U E D  C R A F T S M A N

I love this one. It looks like it needs to be seaside. The tip dipped planter isn’t hurting either.


P U R E  C H E E R


S O  G O O D  Y O U  G E T  T W O  P H O T O S

THIS. This Home, the interior is just as impactful. Contrast and light. Go check out the bedroom with the green accents, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t drooling over the wallpaper. Lady Bits for the win.



Hither & Thither did a feature on Oakland, CA. As a former resident of the Bay Area, I couldn’t help but adore her perspective. Oakland often gets a bad rep for the violence and crime. But the creative arts world is really starting to thrive there like never before. This little shop is officially on my list of places to visit on our next trip there.


S E R I O U S L Y  S P R I N G

This home is just as impactful but a completely different style. Posted in New England Living, this home is so traditional and well kept. I am positive every season must bring a new wreath to that door, I can see the patriotic colors as July approaches and the fall leaves that turn to holly berries come winter. I bet this looks incredible with a blanket of snow too.


B A C K  T O  P A L M  S P R I N G S

I don’t know more about this beyond Kristina Nilsson posted it and may be the one who took the photo? I love that roof angle like Woah. And the handles.


N A S H V I L L E  C O O L

Last, and not least. This Nashville gem was featured on Design Sponge, one of my all time favorite Instagram feeds, websites & life guide. This home is Sara Hicks masterpiece and there are so many good things happening. The minimal kitchen, the wall of white OCD dreams, I want it all.

My other consuming obsession right now is black and grey exteriors. There is a house here in the Sylvan Park neighborhood that I drive by and stare at every weekend. It’s in the midst of being remodeled and the last two weeks there has been an old toilet sitting in the yard. I don’t even care, it’s the most beautiful black house I have ever seen. Just maybe I’ll put together my Pinterest favorites on this topic soon.

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