If I Was Little Bit Skinny

I love looking at fun outfits on Pinterest or Instagram. And 90% of them probably wouldn’t flatter my bod. So I threw one together today seeing as though I am working from home and the emails have slowed down this afternoon. It likely wouldn’t flatter my body either, but shoes and jewelry always fit so at least I’ve got that.

1. Black Leather Disk Necklace from Sarto J on Etsy. This is a statement piece but so simple that it pairs with a T-shirt perfectly.

2. Grey Leather Backpack from Circumambulation on Etsy. I love the backpack trend, probably because as a mom I have to transport entire entertainment options every time I leave the house. This smooth grey beauty however is one I’d be a little careful about tossing a Zoli cup in. It’s too pretty. All of what this Russian designer creates is so pretty. Her blog is gorgeous too.

3. Turquoise Ring from Artisan Look on Etsy.  Nothing will damper my love of chunky turquoise so of course I was drawn to this one when browsing.

4. Poppy Red Pascal Dr. Martens. I mean… they are bold and clunky and I am drooling over them. I first saw them on RaeLynn’s (of The Voice notoriety) Instagram and fell in love. I may or may not follow her cute blonde booty. Don’t Hate.

5. Grey Woven Waistband Joggers from New Look. The jogger trend is certainly one I support. I love comfy. Now, I don’t know that I would attempt to wear them with heels to work and try to pass it off as professional, but I would rock them on the weekends.

6. Man Buns from NALA L.A. This shop is one of my favorite on Instagram and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve filled up my shopping cart and then had to walk away. I may be too into man buns, if that is possible. But my theory is this: If Dolly Parton can use the phrase “the higher the hair, the closer to God” and apply it to herself, I will apply it to men. Pile those locks high boys. Beards and Buns. Enough said.

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