Creating Within A Fine Space

I dream of the day I have a house with a true creative space. One that I can paint in or knit in or design in or do kids crafts in with Juniper. One with lots of windows and good acoustics for iTunes or what I have playing on my Crosley, and a closing door. A space to accommodate all of that would surely have more than this little design board, but these are a few staples that would make it functional, and clean.

There is some Dot & Bo in this one, like the living room. There is also a shop, Source Succulents who have lovely plants and designs and a few other sites as well. The idea is a clean mostly neutral pallet that has some color but leaves options for changing it up whenever the boredom sets in. I think it would be through rotating area rugs, wall art, and quirky figurines.

Here is what I would find quite appeasing.


1. The Nest Lounge & Ottoman.  This is where I picture putting up my feet with a bag of yarn or a book. Maybe the laptop when I just cant sit at the desk anymore. If I really start to think long term, maybe I’d sit here and offer help as needed while Juniper sits and does homework at the desk.

2. The Miniature Bracket Lamp is a great little desktop lamp. As the sun sinks and the windows are no longer letting in light, this would be a perfect glow. Moody and compact.

3. Numbers on the Wall Clock. This is simple, but interesting. Appeals to a bit of typography and it’s got some chunk.

4. Industrial Task Desk. I sort of love that this is called a task desk. It is just that. A place to get. it. done. Large surface to spread out on, open shelving forcing you to keep tidy and good lines.

5. At Home Framed Quote. I mean, this is pretty self explanatory. Isn’t it a solid feeling when you come home and it’s just there. Ready for you?

6. Succulent Planter Duo. This shop has some really beautiful pieces. I haven’t yet been a customer but hope to be soon. It’s simple, but the blue, it’s so rich. Cobalt goodness.

7. Eurostyle Baird Low-Back Office Chair Are there more modern chairs? Absolutely. This one grabbed my eye because of the color though and lack of frills or gadgets. It’s solid, it’s functional and it probably swivels for fun times  with Juniper after we wrap up that homework I mentioned above.

8. Stella Black Round Wire Honeycomb baskets. These are perfect storage solutions. Yarn, rolls of craft paper and fabric scraps. With the same idea of the open shelving, it would force me to keep a tidy space that wasn’t overflowing and cluttered.

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