8 Must Have Baby Products for the First 6 Months.

Juniper hasn’t hit a year yet, but I thought I would do a feature on my top must have baby products for the first 6 months. I do not like all the gadgets and gear that comes with having a baby. I feel like simplified basics are more important. For example, I never bought a bouncer/jumper. She has always had really strong legs and it was one of those gear pieces I didn’t foresee us using long term. Some moms like to use them as a “babysitter” but it’s not my style. They are bulky and I couldn’t find one that was a simple modern design, they all are themes with creatures and bananas and I don’t see the appeal.

The other key to my buying decisions is longevity. Is she going to like this for 1-2 months, or can she grow with it and utilize different parts for 4-6+ months? The Boppy pillow for example, I was given one as a gift and used it for about the first week or so while nursing, then figured out my own style and it wasn’t really used after that. I think I packed it away around month 3?

Below are my favorite products that we find ourselves using daily. My soon to be momma friends, I hope you find this a bit useful!


1. BLOOMING BATH – We started off using this in our kitchen sink and now she uses it in the bathtub. Great alternative to a big bulky plastic tub! 2. WUBBANUB – We didn’t want her using a pacifier at first, but she loves this so much and rubs it while falling asleep. 3. BOBA WRAP – I love this. I used if for her first trip at 3 weeks old while flying, it was a life saver during a wedding and I wore it every time I went grocery shopping until she was big enough to sit in the cart. The Boba Air is what we now use while hiking and walking to dinner. 4. Athena Daphne Convertible Crib and Changer –  I’m so happy with this crib. We use the changer for pretty much every diaper change since we can store our cloth diapers in the drawers and the wipes and powders in the cubbyholes.  It converts to a toddler bed as well so money saved! I did personalize it by ordering colored knobs and it’s adorable!  5. HALO MICRO-FLEECE SLEEPSACK SWADDLE – She loved being swaddled for the first 3-4 months and this swaddle held the snuggest without loosening in the night. It was also warm for the winter months. 6. phil&teds POPPY HIGHCHAIR – This chair is so simple to get her in and out of and will convert into a toddler chair when she is ready for it. It’s sleek and lightweight. 7.  CLOUD B SOUND MACHINE –  My mom got this for us and it’s perfect. She falls asleep to the waves each night and is able to self soothe so I can put her to bed drowsy and she’s out within 10 min. 8. COMBI CATALYST STROLLER – This stroller is the greatest. We used it on two trips through airports, on a boardwalk, and all over town. It can attach to the Combi Shuttle car seat that we use and now that she is bigger I use the main piece and can face her toward me or out and go from sitting straight up to laying completely flat with one button. She has so much fun in it and it steers well!

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