The Dark

Today I am talking about the level of enamored feelings I have for homes with dark exteriors.

Charcoal, Slate, Navy, Black. It’s such a sexy look. I like the sturdy masculinity and the way a colorful pot of flowers, window trim or a porch swing offers an extreme contrast element instantly. I am finding I have been applying the shades of darkness to my wardrobe more and more and I am not unhappy about that.

This of course means I am about to list a few of my favorite Pinterest finds, just like with the yellow doors, simply as eye candy. I don’t list all of them, but if you follow my Pinterest, you will see a plethora.

This TsAO McKown beauty is quaint, but strong. The interiors are actually very light and full of great lighting which offers balance. Read how the home is described on their site, it’s really thoughtful.


N E W  Y O R K  F A R M

This beach house is spectacular. Located in Sweden and featured on World of Architecture. When I think of a beach home, I envision nautical or tropical color palates. This defies that. Again, the light bright interior balances the exterior which is an obvious move especially with the floor to ceiling windows that allow you to see right in.


S W E D E N  C H I L L

Just as with the Yellow Doors, I have saved a Nashville beauty for last. What struck me first was the hight in the architecture. Designed by Bondies Architect here in Nashville, what I found striking was the ratio of the stone chimney compared to the structure of the far wing. It’s fairly tall and narrow structure and the stacked stone is rather broad, more so than the windows on either side. It’s a really striking home and there is an interior room I am madly in love with. Check out all of the photos here, when you get to the room with a motorcycle, pause and know that it’s making me feel feels.


H I S T O R I C  M O D E R N

Right Now Obsession: Yellow Front Doors

I was recently looking at a photo for a property at work. It’s a music publishing company here in Nashville operating out of an old home, turned office/studio space. A pretty popular happening in these parts. It has a yellow door, when I saw it I knew, I need a house with a yellow door.

We then received record snowfall here and this city is not equipped to handle it, so I have been homebound and on Pinterest too much. What I have found is this is a very Palm Springs trend, and I am on board with that. I love mid-century and the desert so there was certainly a draw. But I also found farmhouses and bungalows and Spanish villas that warmed my soul. So my soul was warmed and so was my body thanks to homemade chicken noodle soup with garlic cheddar dumplings. It is so delicious and so ugly. I took photos, but as with most dishes served in a bowl, it was not appetizing to look at, so you aren’t going to see it.

Below are my favorite finds. In all their cheery, sun shiny warmth.


B L U E  H U E D  C R A F T S M A N

I love this one. It looks like it needs to be seaside. The tip dipped planter isn’t hurting either.


P U R E  C H E E R


S O  G O O D  Y O U  G E T  T W O  P H O T O S

THIS. This Home, the interior is just as impactful. Contrast and light. Go check out the bedroom with the green accents, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t drooling over the wallpaper. Lady Bits for the win.



Hither & Thither did a feature on Oakland, CA. As a former resident of the Bay Area, I couldn’t help but adore her perspective. Oakland often gets a bad rep for the violence and crime. But the creative arts world is really starting to thrive there like never before. This little shop is officially on my list of places to visit on our next trip there.


S E R I O U S L Y  S P R I N G

This home is just as impactful but a completely different style. Posted in New England Living, this home is so traditional and well kept. I am positive every season must bring a new wreath to that door, I can see the patriotic colors as July approaches and the fall leaves that turn to holly berries come winter. I bet this looks incredible with a blanket of snow too.


B A C K  T O  P A L M  S P R I N G S

I don’t know more about this beyond Kristina Nilsson posted it and may be the one who took the photo? I love that roof angle like Woah. And the handles.


N A S H V I L L E  C O O L

Last, and not least. This Nashville gem was featured on Design Sponge, one of my all time favorite Instagram feeds, websites & life guide. This home is Sara Hicks masterpiece and there are so many good things happening. The minimal kitchen, the wall of white OCD dreams, I want it all.

My other consuming obsession right now is black and grey exteriors. There is a house here in the Sylvan Park neighborhood that I drive by and stare at every weekend. It’s in the midst of being remodeled and the last two weeks there has been an old toilet sitting in the yard. I don’t even care, it’s the most beautiful black house I have ever seen. Just maybe I’ll put together my Pinterest favorites on this topic soon.

Office Concepts

I have been tasked with re-invigorating our office space. It’s a temporary holding ground until we establish ourselves in a more long-term spot that we can build out and make incredibly effective and enjoyable to spend time in.

We are currently in a 500 sq.ft. suite that needs some serious design love. We discussed budget and $2,500 was ideal, $5,000 was max. We aren’t focused on desks aside from desk lighting, that is something that will change upon moving.

I came up with the following launching point as a concept and I am digging it to be honest. I am really loving the budget. I am UNDER $2,500 which is pretty impressive considering the prices I was seeing for product lines that fit with industrial goal. Toss in a couple throw pillows on that love seat and I think it’s pretty golden.



  1. Azrou Floor Lamp – $156 x 2 = $312
  2. Nashville Skyline Decal – 22’x76” = $40
  3. Estate Loveseat (seats 2) – 6’ = $880
  4. Adirondack Area Rug – 5’x7’ = $154
  5. Bolt Coffee Table – 3’x3’ = $209
  6. Agrippa Table Lamp (6 desks) – $100 x 6 = $600
  7. Aubuerndale Arm Chair – $229

Total Cost = $2,424

Pretty Excited about this baby, now just to get the go ahead to order.

If I Was Little Bit Skinny

I love looking at fun outfits on Pinterest or Instagram. And 90% of them probably wouldn’t flatter my bod. So I threw one together today seeing as though I am working from home and the emails have slowed down this afternoon. It likely wouldn’t flatter my body either, but shoes and jewelry always fit so at least I’ve got that.

1. Black Leather Disk Necklace from Sarto J on Etsy. This is a statement piece but so simple that it pairs with a T-shirt perfectly.

2. Grey Leather Backpack from Circumambulation on Etsy. I love the backpack trend, probably because as a mom I have to transport entire entertainment options every time I leave the house. This smooth grey beauty however is one I’d be a little careful about tossing a Zoli cup in. It’s too pretty. All of what this Russian designer creates is so pretty. Her blog is gorgeous too.

3. Turquoise Ring from Artisan Look on Etsy.  Nothing will damper my love of chunky turquoise so of course I was drawn to this one when browsing.

4. Poppy Red Pascal Dr. Martens. I mean… they are bold and clunky and I am drooling over them. I first saw them on RaeLynn’s (of The Voice notoriety) Instagram and fell in love. I may or may not follow her cute blonde booty. Don’t Hate.

5. Grey Woven Waistband Joggers from New Look. The jogger trend is certainly one I support. I love comfy. Now, I don’t know that I would attempt to wear them with heels to work and try to pass it off as professional, but I would rock them on the weekends.

6. Man Buns from NALA L.A. This shop is one of my favorite on Instagram and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve filled up my shopping cart and then had to walk away. I may be too into man buns, if that is possible. But my theory is this: If Dolly Parton can use the phrase “the higher the hair, the closer to God” and apply it to herself, I will apply it to men. Pile those locks high boys. Beards and Buns. Enough said.

A Home on the Troia Peninsula

With winter here to stay for a few more months I can’t help but dream of a warm bright place to make home. Working for Sotheby’s International Realty exposes me to amazing homes across the globe and this home in Portugal caught my eye last week so I just had to share. It’s ultra modern, and the white and grey pallet is pristine. I can’t fathom keeping it like this with a toddler, but I’d sure try. Some might find it sterile, but I find it to be a huge anti-depressant in the form of a home. It’s just so clean and relaxing.

I might add some colored throw pillows or rugs, but I really wouldn’t need to. Visit the Portugal Sotheby’s site and see the entire slideshow. It’s such a striking home.



S I T.


I N D O O R  &  O U T D O O R

I N D O O R & O U T D O O R



C O O K .  E A T.

C O O K . E A T.



Doesn’t it just feel like such a relaxing place, away from chaos and noise? I want to kidnap my closest friends and travel here. I may or may not return stateside.