Floral Growth

The charting of her growth continues in front of a classic Nashville wall. I started doing this in 2015 shortly after she turned two. Though my aspirations have greatly decreased from the weekly and monthly charting of her first two years, this is one project I think I can manage and continue to do. See the first two years here and here. I just die looking back!

This year has been fun! We got out and explored less that I had hoped. It just seemed like every time the weekend came up on us, we stuck close to home and had so many errands and chores we didn’t get on many hikes or adventures. I will post an additional post with a summary of all the fun we did actually get into!

Now that beautiful fall weather is here, I am making it a goal to make up for our lack of adventure in the next couple of months.

B I G G I E  +  C O B A I N 
S E N I O R  P H O T O  ?
J O Y 
2 0 1 7

Tee-Shirt: Diggity Junior

The rest of the outfit: H&M

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