Growth Charts – Street Art

A year ago I was planning on a year of photos with her, with each month being in front of different street art. Life became a little too crazy to keep up. That said, we revisited a wall we took photos at last September and I can’t think of a more fun growth chart.

And wow, has she grown. So much happy and sad happening at one time, but it truly is the best transformation to be a part of.

2 0 1 5
2 0 1 6

She grew so much! I really hope the building isn’t painted over or leveled for any reason in the future!! Today was spent with mango smoothies and chasing boys in the park and looking damn adorable.



Sleeveless Hoodie – GeoFox Apparel

Harem Pants – Duchess and Lion Co, (re-branded as Amae Co)

Boots – Good Ol’ Target

Personality – Me

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