Juniper will be Three on Sunday. It’s bittersweet. Exciting, scary, too soon. 

So tonight, she sleeps between us in bed.

Tonight she wasn’t interested in dinner. 

Tonight she ate an entire carton of raspberries. 

Tonight I stared out at the lake and wondered what her future holds. 

Tonight I wished that I’ll  get to be here for it all. 

Tonight she traced my arm with a single finger, her baby soft skin running across mine, back and forth. 

Tonight I saw age on my hands, in my eyes, across my face. 

Tonight I’ll listen to her snore, watch her breathe. 

Tonight she’ll kick me in the ribs. 

Tonight I’ll love her fiercely, because I’m not sure what the future holds. 

Tonight she is two and I love what two is for her. 





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