Young + Wild + Three

Say it isn’t so. I was just planning Juniper’s second birthday, I thought. And here I am, trying to define/refine what “I want a Pink Party” party, looks like.  Because suddenly she has opinions, even though she has no grasp on what a birthday party entails.

She’s getting freakin’ smart. Clever. Witty. Dramatic. Girl’s got Jokes. Girl’s got Attitude. Girl likes Pink. My personal nightmare. She is so fierce, a force in our lives. As messy as things have been lately, she’s that common bond that is surfacing more each day. In what is seeming like our glue. Our fix-it kit. Our reason to re-evaluate, speculate, reintegrate, ovulate… ha! So much ovulation. She is incredible though, and not getting a sibling. Trust.

We are constantly exhausted, burnt out, worn thin, and yet I love her sticky face and knotted hair. (But on the real, if you have a favorite fix for that b.s., hit me up.) Her turning three means it’s been almost 4 years since cancer, 5 years since rehab. Those things feel so fresh, and so distant I can’t even properly describe it.

So what does this year’s party entail? Well, we are sticking with a color for a theme which makes it so easy. I didn’t ask her what color she wanted, I asked her what kind of party she wanted. She said pink. I hate pink, but I can work with pink. Shades of Pink and Red that is.

Here is what I am envisioning:

  1. Balloons in 3-4 shades of Pink
  2. Berry themed mouth hugs, i.e. Strawberry Shortcake and Berry Pie. Berry Punch with Berry Sorbet.
  3. Flowers in all the shapes and all the shades of pink.
  4. Pretty berry/floral cake or cupcakes (She asked for a flashlight cake, maybe next year lover.)
  5. Watermelon

We are renting a great lake house for a long weekend too. What did we do before AirBnB? Seriously? It’s about 45 min from our place, right on the water and has a whole shore of water. 3 Nights of grilling, chilling, spilling and we will be floating on donuts and swans and flamingos. Mark my words.

To stick with last years traditions. I have ordered her a new THREE hat and a new raglan shirt. This year, in red. I’ll of course have all the photos in a future post. To revisit lasts years black and white masterpiece, go here & here.

I can’t wait! Well, I can. I don’t really want a three-year old yet, but it’s here. We might as well party.


Inspiration. Click the photo to read the blog post. So Pretty.


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