A Creative Distraction

Sometimes you meet people that create a distraction from your day to day that is so welcome and refreshing. I’ve encountered one such person recently and he’s been all that and more. He’s a creative. Dabbling in various mediums of expression and art and it’s been quite inspiring. It makes me want to get back to more of that. I’m calling him E, for I think he might blush if I were to name him. He’s also called E in my phone and he won’t even know that until he reads this.

His particular forms of creating are photography, writing and a bit singer/songwriter. He takes some crazy cool portraits, a little haunted, broody. He’s actively writing a children’s book that is also a little dark and will be perfect to read on a stormy night with a flashlight under the covers, static hair sticking straight up. He’s read me tidbits, and I dig it. Now, the singing and guitar playing has yet to be shown to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not quite in the cool kids club yet, but I am working on him.

We got to talking about how he would love a home with a designated creative space. A place in his home that he can dabble in all of these things, productively. He needs a space to write, and really be inspired, he needs a space for photo editing, storage, functionality. Somewhere he can play some chords on the guitar and put his feet up. I asked him some questions about what his style might be, what it would look like. He was going to send me reference photos, but I stopped him. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could help envision a space just based on what he described. I can say this is the first time I’ve ever been nervous for someone to see it, because the design boards I usually make are always for me.

The approach I took with this was as if it were one big corner room, with a lot of windows and light. With designated work spaces for each project. There are twenty one different items from a few shops online and below I will link to them and explain why I chose each piece, be it for visual appeal, function, or just to make it interesting.



Write – I envision this desk facing out a window, so that if you have to stare off and lose yourself for a bit, you’ve got a view. As it grows dark, that lamp can be flipped on and illuminate your little piece of the world and nothing else.

  1. Leather Journal. I loved this journal, check out the Etsy listing here, it’s metallic, small and you should take a look at the additional photos. Although most writing these days is done on the keyboard of a Mac, I like the romance of a journal filled with notes, doodles, to-do’s and inspiration. I feel like he might feel that way as well.
  2. Motivational Quote. I think this is self-explanatory, a little humor and a little kick in the pants. You can get a digital print here.
  3. Desk Lamp. I love this lamp, and this was an entirely selfish move. Find it here. It’s magnetic, so you can move the bar to a few angles and adjust the cord so that the bulb hangs, or is aimed directly where you want it. The subtle motion of it swaying when you bump the desk, would make the light dance in the room.
  4. This writing desk is the clean lines he likes, functional drawers for paper, pens, chargers, or your secret Skittles stash. Spacious but not oversized.
  5. Office Chair. This chair comes in grey and white. I would grab one of each, they are comfortable for long periods of sitting at both the writing desk and the editing desk.
  6. Concrete Desk Supplies. How cool are these? They keep with the pallet, are a bit masculine and I may or may not be ordering them for my own desk, if I can figure out how. They are a creation of Magnus Pettersen the London based designer. All of his work is incredible.

Edit – This space I see taking up a corner area. A large screen for editing incredible photos, that is brighter, whiter and full of storage options.

  1. The first images I want to see in a photo space are those of my own personal photographer idol. I LOVE Richard Avedon. I was lucky enough to go to his show at the SFMOMA years ago and he gives me the feels. His American West Collection is everything to me. It inspired a lot of my photography before I was taking softer images of my daughter. I wanted to see every freckle, crease, and life stories written all over a face. Now, E may prefer something else, but the concept is to have inspiring images around you as you make an image your own.
  2. Green Mound Juniper. First, I imagine it’s pretty obvious that I chose a Juniper bonsai. But he actually mentioned wanting a few pieces of plant life, and a bonsai specifically. So, Ta Da!
  3. Wired Floor Lamp. This lamp sticks to a bit of the exposed bulb theme. The hight is perfect for working, without desk space wasted. While working on a computer, you want your surroundings as bright as the screen so that the strain on your eyes is lessened and the images you are working on reflect a true white balance. I would hope this achieves that.
  4. UrbanEars Plattan Headphones. I have no idea if these are great headphones or not, but this was an aesthetic decision. I love to have music playing while working on the computer. I do now as a matter of fact. (Vancouver Sleep Clinic) Sure, sometimes it’s nice to put a record on, but while I am in the zone, changing a vinyl out mid way through a project is the last thing I want to be interrupted by.
  5. Retro Writing Desk. This desk mirrors the other a bit. I wanted them to be in a similar design family without being too matchy. The white surface adds to the clean, brighter corner that I wanted for this area. Lots of bright reflection is a positive.
  6. Andersen Locker. I think this piece serves to add to the overall design, while being entirely there for function. With photography, you have a multitude of flashes, lenses, bodies and gear everywhere. Having a designated spot for it all creates that cleanliness he wants and hides the straps and cords and bags that may be less than appealing.
  7. Sonoma Buckhorn Leather Camera Bag. Etsy seller, Copper River Bags, makes some beauties. I want to run my fingers along this bag. It’s beautiful.

Relax with Music – This is basically the rest of the space. Comfort, beauty and exactly where you want to wind down.

  1. Pillows. Pillows can make a design. That sounds a little crazy, but I believe it. Jellybean Giraffes. This is the pop. The pallet of this room is mostly neutral, this area is where we drop some color. It would look badass on that chair. E. Well, quite simply, because E. Black, Leather Pillow. So sexy, so masculine. Does it come with a motorcycle?
  2. Lyrics courtesy of Bruce Springsteen. This has a double meaning for me. One being the fact that this is a space where poetry is in everything being made in this room, and two – He directed me to a song that ol’ Bruce sings and it’s stuck with me. Not this song, but none the less. Find the digital print here.
  3. Turntable. This is a simple streamline player. No Frills, as it should be.
  4. Socoma Cabinet. I really like this, a strong piece. Storing all your vinyl, a mini amp should you want, CD’s you haven’t tossed out yet. More Skittles or maybe Starbursts? Setting the turntable on top of this with a couple succulents. Yes. Please.
  5. Rug. I like a rug with interest, but not too much defined design. Something to dig your toes into as needed.
  6. Nuclear Fission Pendant. I texted him a few days ago that I had a bomb chandelier for this. He Laughed. But I knew it when I saw it. He is a science minded guy, we have both have had some of our belief systems challenged over the years and he has fallen back on science as a part of his moving from the foundations he was raised on. The Atom represents the core of it all, but this also has a bit of glamour, the hanging crystal brings a balance to the more sturdy lines, this too will make light dance, maybe while having a dance party of your own in here.
  7. Reese Tufted Side Chair. This is where I wanted to bring in color, but also where I needed a chair in which to play guitar. My research indicated armed chairs are a no, so maybe this one serves the purpose. I’m a novice, I might have failed.
  8. Sofa. This is clean, but it looks really comfortable too. I could totally see a few friends piled on here discussing the record currently playing, or maybe a lady friend lounging with a book while he plays some jams, or impatiently waiting on him to wrap up some editing. Throwing popcorn at him to make him hurry up.

If you just read all of that, who are you and what are you doing on here? My goodness, that got wordy. The word count on this post is 1600. Exactly.

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