Real Talk, Real Quick

It’s been well over a month since I have posted anything. I attempted to get Juniper’s monthly urban art photos last week, already a week late, but there was a train going by, out of sight but within hearing distance and it scared the crap out of her for some reason. She became hysterical and clung to me like I was about to feed her to an unsavory creature. So that’s been a bust.

I’m finding that with the more we are settling here, the less settled I feel. Is that bizarre? As if I need something to plan or anticipate or fix to keep me sane. I am not good at boring and stable as much as I had wished for just one boring year. Maybe if my husband would relapse, I would get knocked up, or my cancer would return I would be more capable. I seriously have these thoughts, yet my husband seems to have lost his taste for drugs, my birth control is working and just this week I was given the all clear and remain in remission. All really great things, so my funk is my own issue I guess.

I probably need a therapist. I just can’t fathom walking in to a room to spill my business. Nah, I’m good.

The thing is, I love Nashville. I haven’t experienced as much as I’d like, but it’s a great city. Scoping out neighborhoods to buy in and watching the transformation of them has been really fun. It’s an exciting time to be here, the weather is on point, and the future looks incredible.


Ok, full disclosure;  right above this paragraph I wrote about how dramatically different moving to a city with a child is vs. without a child. But I was pretty crabby so I have stricken it from the record so as not to depress you.

I really need to focus on design boards and art and photos more. Take that as a hint husband, I have a new camera in my Amazon wish list so… when it comes time to celebrate the birth if Jesus, if that could be implemented, sweet. #Commercialism.

I feel like I need to post at least one photo, so as to make this somewhat visually appealing. So, um here.

B L A C K B E R R Y  K O L A C H E

This delicious masterpiece comes from Yeast Nashville.   The name always leads my mind to feminine hygiene, but alas, yeast is also crucial in a bakery so… Anyway. I typically go for their savory jalapeño  sausage kolache, but this morning I opted for the blackberry. Super smart on my part after having a stomach virus for the last 3 days. I ate half, I’ll donate the rest to my child and pretend I got it just for her, because she is special. (Starting the entitlement training now, so she can keep up with all of her future entitled peers.)

As for the world. It’s been a week of pretty horrible events, but the truth is, horrifying events like this are happening all over the globe, but since it’s not in a destination that most college kids venture to before trying to get adult jobs, no one really noticed. The world needs mad amounts of love. Compassion. Sincerity. Warm fuzzies that I am not so great at but appreciate. So spread some of that around will ya?

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