An Urban Year – Month One

This year I am focusing on the urban neighborhoods, as a chance to learn our new city, as well as explore the world of street art, murals and graffiti. It’s a chance to document her growth over another year, as well as give the photos an interesting backdrop.

She was not interested in look at me when we shot these, but was fascinated by the color and shapes and loved pointing to the eyes, and colors and shapes she is learning. We are traveling to the Bay Area in a few weeks right at the end of September. My goal is to shoot in Berkeley or Oakland! I love Berkeley so I really hope we get the chance to head there and grab a slice of pizza on Telegraph or go to Genova’s where Matt loves him some sandwich.

Until then, I took these photos in a location we stumbled up while lost a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw it, I commented to Matt that it would be a cool place to take photos. It was! It’s just outside of the Midtown area under the Jubilee Bridge.


J U S T  W A L K  R I G H T  U P
J U S T  W A L K  R I G H T  U P
R E D M A M A, R E D
R E D  M A M A,  R E D

She was captivated by some boys playing up the street most of the time. This hat though, she asks to bring it everywhere.

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