The Third Year in the Making

Year Three. This Project is going to be fun! The First year was focused on photographing Juniper every single week. And I so love looking back on them because they highlighted different milestones and how drastically she changed over the year. Year two was a monthly adventure all over Colorado and then all over the country as we headed east. I still have to edit her last photo for that project, however my computer has taken a break from me, so I haven’t had a chance. Soon!

I have been trying to figure out what this third year might entail. I knew from the get go I would continue with the monthly photo. Since we are back in an urban environment that is filled with artists and creative people. I have seen some really awesome wall murals as well as classic graffiti. I am excited to explore! I am working on a revamped logo that will look nothing like the one used for year two and it will go more with the theme of this project.

Here are some sites I’ll be using to hunt down some cool street art around town. WANNADO NASHVILLE’s post, 12th and Broad’s post, and I plan on stalking lesser known places simply by keeping up the the #nashvillegraffiti and #nashvillemurals tags on Instagram. Isn’t 2015 cool?!

My mom asked me if I am writing her milestones down after I told that this child likes to stand in front of the mirror and watch herself cry/fake cry. I said no, but really I try to include tidbits like that here, so sure, I am a good mom who is tracking her every new development. Or at least summarizing.

One thought on “The Third Year in the Making

  1. My mom is constantly saying, “Make sure you write that in her baby book!” She’d be appalled that her baby book is blank with her pediatrician growth charts shoved in it.

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