Year Two Approaches

We are less than a week away from having a two year old. A beautiful, opinionated, fearless, wild two year old. This year has been full of transitions and changes and big moves. So much so, that I completely spaced her birthday until last week. We love this city, but we are light on the making friends end of things. How do adults make friends? Wait until their kids have friends and pray you like their parents? Possibly. That being said, we knew we wouldn’t be having a big party like last year. I am so ok with that. I predict her next big deal party will be once she is really old enough to have a great time.

This year Matt’s mom is coming to town and we are having a lovely stay-cation at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Conference Center. I can’t wait to explore the gardens and play tourist. It will be a much needed weekend off. Since we’ve both started working, we haven’t had a single day off together since June. While we are grateful for great jobs, I’d like to spend a whole day with the mister. I ordered cupcakes from Nashville Sweets. I may or may not have sampled one in their bakery and it was delicious. They will be simple and sweet. Pair them with a few balloons and that is about as party hardy as it is getting. I hope to have a fun lunch, blow out a candle or two and get some swimming in.

Her outfit though I am pretty excited about. I pieced it together this last week and begged Etsy shops to to ship ASAP and utilized Amazon Prime. Because, this is 2015.


1. This HAT. I was searching Etsy for ideas and I knew I didn’t want another Feather Crown like her first birthday and I didn’t want a princess crown or bows. I saw this hat and messaged the shop immediately. I can’t brag enough about this little shop. L A H I design was so lovely to work with! I explained that I was a slacker mom this year and asked if the hat could be made to read TWO instead of the listed ONE. Not only did she say yes, I was able to choose my font AND she printed Juniper’s name on the bill. I mean, talk about excellent customer service and I can’t wait for her to wear it!

2. If this doesn’t scream The Harmon’s kid, I don’t know what does. SandiLake Clothing has been on my radar for several months. I love a native bear shirt they have and they recently added some new designs and I have a few in my cart. Again, she shipped right away to me and it’s a great fit for the outfit.

3. Once the shirt and hat were ordered, I realized though I love a tomboy, it wouldn’t hurt the girl up the outfit a bit and started hunting around on Amazon for black skirts. This Skirt kills me. It’s Pleather with cutout lace. A little naughty and a little nice which is EXACTLY my child.

4. These shoes are my fall back. I had ordered black and white boat shoes, but they are still a size too big, so a quick trip to ol’ Wal-Mart landed me the $5 Garanimals Sneakers. I actually love how easy they are to put on and they STAY on. Winner!

5. I plan to grab a numeric 2 mylar balloon from Party City and maybe a few regular balloons, however being a Globophobic of sorts, I struggle with them. Mylar balloons don’t bother me, but the latex kills me.

6. This is just a cupcake I found while hunting on Pinterest. I used the photo as an example for the bakery and they are going to pop those little bows on our cupcakes. So sweet!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. My new job is amazing, but it was a jam packed week last week and this week is my last one with interns so the pressure has kicked up a notch. Family time, a pool, room service and playing tourist. YES please.

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