Fireflies are Magic

I have felt compelled to express this for a few weeks. Really since I first spotted them a few weeks ago. Fireflies. Growing up in the desert, the pretty, but dry and crunchy desert, you only grasped the concept of a firefly from children’s books or songs. Meaning I had no true grasp on it. They are bugs that light up? Do they shock you? You can catch them?

And then I saw one, sitting in the grass at a park here. Then two and three and realized they were everywhere I looked. Blinking on and off. It was magic. I felt like a little kid. Look Matt, look! Since that first time, I admittedly have driven the long way home when they are out on my route, just to see them flicker in front yards of pretty southern houses. We went to dinner last week and took a walk after. We came upon a house that was small and sweet and groomed to magazine perfection. I was commenting on how “this is the kind of place we should buy” and then they lit up. I wanted to go sit on this houses porch, and put on music, but realized I already looked creepy gawking at their home from the sidewalk.

They are magic west coast friends. Magic. I used to play Faith Hill’s song, Fireflies, in the car when I was 18. A specific moment I can see in my head is a late night drive, pulling on to Hwy. 69 from the Humboldt Gas station, and though I didn’t really believe in Fairy Tales, I’ve always been a realist, I was singing it loud.

When you are 18 you need that hope, you’re anxious and insecure and trying figure out life. Being a teenager is hard, and figuring out adult situations is hard and sometimes the magic makes it all better.

So I leave you with these lyrics from the song and hope that we will be catching them with Juniper soon, so she can have her own imagination and fantasies and wonder about life and magic.

I found mayonnaise bottles and poked holes on top
To capture Tinker Bell
But they were just fireflies to the untrained eye
But I could always tell

I believe in fairy tales
And dreamer’s dreams like bedsheet sails
And I believe in Peter Pan and miracles
Anything I can to get by and fireflies

~Faith Hill

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