A Year Driven – Month 22

I did not stop and try to take a specific photo this month. I took several along our drive to Tennessee which included our stop at Niagara Falls. It is certainly a sight to behold. The conclusion I came to was that if you are in the vicinity, swing over there, maybe don’t plan a vacation around it though. I am one to have a hard time being awed by such displays though. The Grand Canyon for example, I became so desensitized to it because growing up, we visited with every out of state family member, hiked it, took the mules down the north rim, and rafted through it on the Colorado River. All things that eroded the spectacle aspect away.

Because I didn’t take an intentional shot of her. I used one silly one from our stop. It captures much of her firecracker personality and the spaztastic soul that embodies her. She cray. Our wild Juniper Rose is just that, fragrant with joy and giggles, itchy when trying to get to her core, and full of a bit more thorns that we anticipated.

T W E N T Y  T W O  M O N T H S  O L D
T W E N T Y  T W O  M O N T H S  O L D

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