A Few Bits of Business, Like Moving South

By business I do just mean, filling you in on our not yet stable life. I have been in New Hampshire for roughly 25 days. In that time we have visited the beach, Boston, New York via a ferry across Lake Champlain, Vermont, including a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s facility, and in each of these places had some great food and great adventures. In the last 25 days, I have also finalized our next move.

We are heading for Nashville! I mentioned before that I fell in love with it there. I was not exaggerating. Something about New England and me, we’re just not jiving. When I really started talking to Matt about it all, it turns out he had no interest in Boston and was just going because he felt like that was his only option for future career moves and his internships. He had ZERO interest in living there. It would have been nice to know that before hand, but at least we know in time to re-route our moving truck to Music City. We are going to grin and bare moving into an apartment like when we were just babies ourselves, simply because it is going to make house hunting so much easier and we will have a year to learn the city and really decide on a great neighborhood to settle into. I found a great one I hope and we are just waiting to close up all the loose ends.

For possibly the first time ever, I feel like this may be a long term place to put down some roots. I always knew CA was temporary, and Denver was perfect for being kid-free and walking distance from the closest hangout. The mountains could have been forever, except the cost of living and lack of employment options for Matt limited us. I will go back there, if we are ever in a position to buy a vacation home, that is where I want it.

I have a two day, 17 hour drive ahead of me and this time, without the help of my mom. It will inevitably be a challenge but also a good time to bump my favorite music and see some new sites. Including NIagara Falls, Lake Erie and a chance to drive through my dad’s hometown in Ohio.

The job prospects for me are looking great and one job in particular has me fist pumping like I’m straight outta Jersey. Take that visual and play in on a loop. You are welcome! Basically there is a lot of positivity surrounding this next leg of our adventure and it’s exciting. I will be seeing the ol’ husband soon too and though I know he is far more excited to see Juniper than he is to see me, it will be great to be back in the same bed with him. Maybe.

Now for the eye candy. We went to Stuart and John’s Sugar House on Sunday for breakfast. There was a bit too much hype surrounding it online, however the Maple Syrup was lovely. After we ate we went for a little drive up the road and played in the dandy lyons and splashed a bit in the water. It was lush and hot and wonderful. I love her Geofox Apparel Tomboy Chic tee so much and I don’t regret putting a toddler in all white at all. There is also a ol’ rooster who makes an appearance. They are pretty rude birds if I am being honest.

R O O S T E R  B U S I N E S S
R O O S T E R  B U S I N E S S
M A K E  A  W I S H
M A K E  A  W I S H
N O  F E A R
N O  F E A R


I may not be checking in again until after the move, and when I do I hope it’s with a jolly post of how good it is to be there.

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