East Bound and Up?

One might think that I have had plenty of excitement in my life before age 30. But it doesn’t seem that I have. I’ll be 29 this fall and I’m adding one more piece of excitement. Colorado has been a place where the craziest events of life so far have all occurred.

In summary the last 5.5 years have gone like this:
We moved here the day after we eloped. We met the greatest humans ever. My husband relapsed hard and ended up in rehab in the mountains. I was diagnosed with cancer and did my treatment in Denver. I was told odds of my fertility returning were slim to none and got pregnant a mere two months after the last dose of ABVD. We had the most incredible daughter.

All of these things were just the “big” things. There are so many small events, trips, and people we’ve come across that will always be a part of our lives.

Alas, we are leaving this crazy beautiful state with these high altitudes and higher mountains, sunny days and huge blue skies and heading east to New England. It’s our hope that the east coast opens up all new opportunities for Matt’s future career and will bring amazing new experience’s into our family’s life. Our first stop will be in New Hampshire at the above mentioned greatest human’s little homestead. They have chickens and ducks and quail and a garden and a dog. They are venturing to Europe and we are going to attempt to keep all of those things alive for them while they are away. No Pressure.

It means Juniper can run free with all the birds and I’ll be spending more time with her than I have since maternity leave. To say I’m nervous about that is an understatement. Matt won’t be with me for the first few weeks and it will be like being a single parent. Not having the option to pawn her off on him on occasion gives me anxiety. I’m just trying to keep it real here. However, can you imagine all of the new drives we are going to be able to take, the new scenery?! Oceans, forests, cities and farms? It’s going to be amazing getting to explore a whole new territory and exposing her to culture and history and landmarks that the west just doesn’t have.

N E W  E N G L A N D  A W A I T S
N E W  E N G L A N D  A W A I T S

The other thing I am super excited about is the drive there. Everyone says I am crazy and that with a toddler it will be hell. Maybe, but I can’t wait to see some new cities and eat in places I’ve heard so much about. I have some photo ideas in mind as well to capture each new state she get’s to travel through. First we are going southwest, back home to AZ and my mom is going to join us for the drive. From here, to AZ, to NH I will be driving 3,500 miles.

Packing is already terrible. We have a decent jump on it but it’s so overwhelming. And we are still back and forth on moving company or a u-haul… Any cross country moving tips are so appreciated. Please leave them in the comments if you have them!

I love change even when there is so much uncertainty. I have moved to a couple of states since I was 18, and to even more towns/cities. In every one of them I have been exposed to new ideas, beliefs, humans, quirks and scenery. Every one of them has had major teaching experiences associated with them and memories and broadened my awareness to the beauty of differences. I have worries about less blue skies and humidity and harsh winters and ticks. But they are all just discomforts I have been lucky enough to avoid that last 28.5 years. Discomforts that will probably teach me things as well. Even if it’s that I need to live in warmer, drier climates. However with current water crisis in the west, I think staying east will be a safe decision.

Now, who’s coming to help me pack?

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