A Custom Family Portrait

I think a unique family portrait is a fun idea. I love our family photographer, but having one of these truly one of a kind portraits created as an alternative is on my soon to do list. Perhaps once we have a different landscape to to take some photos in. I think the hardest part is choosing the style I like best. They are all simple and lovely. The illustration styles all very a bit and I just can’t pick a favorite.  These five picks are my top choices, but trust me, there are many other alternative shops out there who all do great work.

H O W  T O  D E C I D E ?
H O W  T O  D E C I D E ?

1. Klamoty Studio is the creation of Sabina, a young lady based in Poland who lives and breathes art and it’s so evident in her work.

2. Jesses Mess is straight from Australia. I think hers are the most on trend for a modern, craft beer loving, knit in the evenings kind of family. In the best way possible.

3. Kate Whitmore Art certainly has the most varied style of the ones I picked. She actually has entire scenes created that show families and couples going about life. Real life. They come to life almost as if they are stills from a fun animated series.

4. henry james paper goods reminds me of paper dolls I use to play with at my grandmas house. Based in St. Louis, they are modern and tell the stories of the people in each one without saying a word. Portraits isn’t all she does either so you must check her out.

5. Kathryn Selbert Illustration might be the one with the best humor factor. Her family portraits are adorable, but her animal illustrations are so clever. My favorite is the Hedgehogs and Hot Cross Buns.

See what I mean, you can’t decide on just one! This spring I plan to narrow it down. If you have a favorite of these, let me know if the comments!

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