Cheer, Where You Be?

Here is a post for no reason really. I am really trying to get into the Christmas spirit; however I am still not quite there. We attempted a Santa photo last weekend to no avail. We’ve been to three holiday parties of the last couple of weeks, we picked out a tree, put up stockings, hung lights outside and have plenty of white winter wonderland happening. Yet I am still waiting for it to feel like a festive time. Maybe next year when she really knows what is going on, I’ll put in more decorating effort, and be excited for it.

I’ve always been a bit of a scrooge this time of year, not because I don’t like the holiday or gift giving. That part I love. It’s more the receiving side of things. I want nothing, need nothing and feel like I must fake the joy when receiving gifts. Rude I know. I’d just rather you save the money or contribute it to something or someone in actual need. My husband asks every year for a list. I don’t have a list. Sure there are two cookbooks floating around out there, here & here. But I don’t NEED them. I have my eye on some software for my new Mac. But Need? Nah. I’ll buy it when I do. See, that might be the issue. I would rather just shop for myself when the need arises. Now, something Matt makes with Juniper would be cool. The odds of that? Slim. He’s a numbers guy, not a finger-paint guy.

So, as the feeling of lackluster crept in, I ordered this romper from Rags and LOVE it. No snaps, no buttons, no zippers. You just shimmy that baby chunk right in. These photos are bursting with a cheer that is trying to warm my heart. I promise. The toddler always warms my heart. Except for when she doesn’t.

O N E F I N G E R O N L Y !!
C H I N S. & T H EN S O M E.

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