Rock Bottom Ranch Harvest Party

This weekend we got out of the house for a good part of Saturday and enjoyed the seasonal fun that involves pumpkins, farm animals and scenery. ACES is a program here in the valley that offers different courses to kids and adults and has various locations around the area. One being Rock Bottom Ranch. We carved a pumpkin, sampled apple cider, visited pigs and sheep and chickens and soaked in PERFECT weather!

This is just a peek of the fun. Not much to say on this. I’ll let the photos do the chatting.

P O N D S & S T R E A M S & T R E E S
B L A C K C A T S & P U M K I N S N A M E D J A C K
R A W P U M P K I N S N A C K & A B U D D Y

It was a fun and colorful day! And just what I needed to fill my missing Young’s Farm and growing up as a Pumpkin Packer every weekend in October. It was the greatest experience to have as a kid. Learning to work hard, haul pumpkins and earn some money. To chose a pumpkin off the vine, and cut it yourself. It was a place I always assumed my own kid would get to experience, but it closed down the year after I graduated from high school and those memories will never be shared by my own child. Now we get to search for that perfect spot for her, and though this was on a much smaller scale, it was a great time!

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