A Year Driven – Month 14

Month fourteen’s drive took Juniper and I up past the Sunlight ski area right outside of town and up 4 Mile Road. It’s a popular area for ATV’s, snowmobiles and horseback riders. In the fall, it does not disappoint. The aspen trees up there are plentiful and quite stunning. We wandered through a few different areas. Waving to dads on quads with their kiddos and hunters with their dogs.

This girl loves being outside and running and running and then, one more run for good measure. She falls and gets right back up, not slightly phased. At one point she found soft dirt that had been dug up by a burrowing creature of sorts and thought it was the greatest thing ever to dig her hands in. Taste it, feel it through her fingers. I hope she never loses that love for being outside and running free with no disdain for dirt. A girl after my own heart she is.

She is more and more fun. I don’t see as much change with my schedule, I’m usually only home for dinner and bedtime during the week so spending all day with her on the weekends is always more exhausting than I think it will be. She is getting silly and knows it. She will “sing” with the music in the car and drop that booty at home when she’s jammin’.  She has just gotten so playful I die.

This weekend was no exception to the exhaustion. We ran around like crazy and she’s been on a clingy kick, which I sometimes love because I get the occasional hang out sesh that she’s been drifting away from. Terrorizing the house is more fun, but sometimes the clinging is just too much. I made my first batch of Apple Butter and it’s somewhat involved and with cooking her meals and cleaning so many dishes that I ran out of hot water (insane because we have a huge tank, and no one was showering) I just had no free hands. I finally grabbed my Boba and threw her on my back, which somewhat satisfied her, but part of wanting to be held is because she wants to see and help with what I am doing. At one point she was sitting next to the sink, humming and leaning on me because she was so tired but would not sleep. Then I realized her proximity to the knives I had cleaned and the fact that if she actually nodded off she would probably crack her head open on the floor… So we paused dish duty and tried to nap. Didn’t happen…

But these photos did and she was the best! I love this outfit. The cardigan is from Dandy Lion Co. I adore her style! We have a few pieces now and if my husband thinks I’ll stop adding to my collections he’s forgotten who he married. Have you seen the high waisted trousers. Lordy! The squirrel tee I grabbed months ago in Denver at a cute boutique on Broadway that I can’t for the life of me find in my google searches. The rest is good ol’ Target. But it was so perfect with the colors.

I just adore her.

P U R E A W E. N E V E R L O S E I T B A B Y

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