So Many New Posts Coming!

Coming this week!

  • Our new family portraits will be posted courtesy of The Smith Design – Katrina and Avery are the absolute best!
  • Photo goodness of our trip to Maroon Bells with the grandparents. How have we lived here 2+ years and never been? It’s like 30 min. from my office.
  • A complete divulgence of Junipers 1st Birthday. It went perfectly and I was quite please with all of the decorations and cake and people. It was good.
  • I have finished the project of photographing her every week for the first year and I am so happy to have stuck it out. My project for year two is fresh and I can’t wait to show you what it will be. Photo-documenting her little crazy self is quite rewarding upon completion!
  • I also knocked out some t-shirt designs for a mama group I am part of and once the final is voted in and ready, I will be sharing that too!

That’s all. But it’s a lot! My parents head back to AZ this week so I won’t feel obligated to socialize with adults after her bedtime and can stare at the computer successfully.

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