Then Everything Was Just Right

It’s October and my last post was a major whine sesh so this time let me tell you it’s going to be a good time, with fist pumping and horrible dancing. Heh, too bad you don’t get to see the dancing.

I have officially been employed with the new job a month, it’s rad. I have seen lots of bear’s mere feet from the offices front door, I have drooled over the gorgeous homes we have listed and been in awe of the gross amounts of cash floating around this world. Basically I love it and it doesn’t hurt that my first check was so significantly larger than any check received from the previous employer I could cry. I didn’t cry, I spent it all on nonsense bills and food instead. But it felt great! There are fellow Arizonians and New Zealanders and a Mississippi fellow.

We have moved and are settling in just fine to our new little house. It’s perfect for us and more space than we have ever had! Built in 1894, a few years before my great gramps was born, it’s got creaks and squeaks and it’s lovely. According to the owner, it has angels living in it. I’m a bit skeptical, but it’s also rumored that good ol’ Doc Holiday once had something to do with it. We are slowly furnishing it, and my epic shopping skills landed us a leather sleeper sofa for $95 bucks. We are happy with the place, and so far with each other. I’m not going to lie, I am still adjusting to living with Mr. again.

The home front is good though, Matt’s been awesome and he makes me a lunch every morning before work. Awww. We’ve had some really good times in the few short weeks that we have resumed life. So far so good!

Oh and by the way, on October 5th, I had my final PET scan. That was followed by the anxiety inducing dr. follow up. Word on the street is I am in REMISSION.  I go in next month to get this port removed and then I will have another scan in March or so of 2013!! So for the next 6 months I am free and clear and trust me there was a shot or two of some whiskey consumed. Hey, it’s been 10 months, longer than a pregnancy. So I’m definitely on the up and up. The transition I mentioned in the last post has actually been fine. I’m not feeling the anxiety and fear the ‘it might come back” or that “I might have a relapse”. If that does happen I’m pretty confident now that I’ll be able to take it on and overcome it yet again. I pulled it off once so I’ll manage again heaven forbid it makes a return. A healthy lifestyle is key and that’s a major goal for the coming months!

I also pulled off a birthday 4 days later so it’s been an exciting fun time in my part of the world. I am healthy, stoked, living in a place that is a vacation destination and yeah, I shake it in the kitchen and the living room frequently. I guess my “cancer journey” is kind of over at this point, but I’ll keep blogging because like my intro says, I must become an amazing mommy blogger san the kids! Not sure the direction this is going to go, but hopefully it’s going to be a good time! I’m redirecting the focus back to crafts a little bit as well. Working on some knitting at the moment, had my first Etsy sell, and I am looking forward the art community involvement up here. I live next door to a supposedly famous Glenwood Springs artist and her giant purple house so maybe something cool will come from that! I have more to list online and I need to track down a lot more canvas!

Ok, I’m done gagging you with all this positive hoopla and all the exclamation points. I seriously have a problem with those things. I also struggled just now not to put one after that last sentence. Rough stuff I’m dealing with here! Ahhhh it happened! Again! Stop!! Failure.

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