a few little updates. pretty boring post really.

Today on my lunch break I got a “Must Blog Today” urge. So here I am.

Last Friday was day one, cycle 6. Hooray! That means next week is the last one and if it isn’t, I’m making my own decision to end treatments. I sat next to one of the directors of the show Burn Notice. She was an adorable lady who offered me and Otter Pop, and rubbed my “new hair” when she left. It was silly.

Friday night after chemo I drove up to the mountains and was stuck on the 70 for 2 hours thanks to an accident that left the tunnel closed for hours and was pretty brutal looking when I finally passed it. That highway gets hit with accidents all the time! I don’t even know what a good solutions for it would be other than to widen it? Or ban semi trucks because they are involved, if not the cause of almost all the bad ones.

Saturday Matt and I came back to Denver, and got to have a lovely dinner with his grandparents who I truly love. They are so great to be around and listen to. Always a story to be told and lessons to be taught. Matt really loved seeing them! Sunday we drove back to the mountains and that is when the sickness hit from Friday. Monday I tried to go house hunting but just ended up at home sleeping. Finding a place up there is proving to be so hard! They are either ridiculously priced or are so janky that I will not go near them.

Last week, I also had a phone interview with a company in Snowmass and on Monday while I was up there, I got an email asking if I would be in town for a second, in person interview!! I was like actually I am here now, can you squeeze me into your morning tomorrow? And she did! Mind you I had no clothes and had to make a quick dash to Target, the only store there really and put together a quickie interview outfit! Then I realized I had no makeup with me and had to drugstore a face on really fast too! I hope it went really well but who knows. I haven’t interviewed in 5+ years and even then it was just for kicks, not because I actually needed a job so there was no pressure. Now it feels like a ton of pressure because I must be employed upon my arrival to the mountains. I really like the company and it’s based above a ski lift and caters to the elite Aspen type folks. Not a shabby location! I finally get to live my ski bum mountain life and get paid! Well that is if I get it and if I ever actually learn to use the snowboard I have had for 4 years… Boy do I want it! Friday is the day I will find out yay or nay on it. I actually am excited to start with a new company, I love the people I work with but this company has had some major ups and downs and to be part of a place with a bright future and room to grow and expand positions is really exciting!

I am looking forward to a new place too. If we ever find one… The thing I realized though is that over the last year we have weaned out and eliminated a lot of furniture with the moves we have made. This is a pro and a con.  The pro being that I get to pick out all new living room and dining sets and decorate to my heart’s content. The con being I have to actually pay for all of that. I will definitely be thrifting and repurposing finds and hitting up yard sales and consignment shops. I love to do that anyway. But I might have to give in to some IKEA nudging as well. Oh darn.

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