White Blood Cell Fail.

Thursday was to be day one of cycle six. The FINAL cycle. And it was going as planned. I was in my doctors new facilities which are soooo much nicer then the previous address they were in. I was getting comfy in my room and then a series of delays began.

The first delay came with accessing my port. The first couple of months it worked great but as time progressed it became harder to get a blood return from it so the last 5 or so times I’ve gone in, they have had to give me tPA or tissue plasminogen activator. This breaks down any clots in the port or the line connected to my veins and allows for good blood return. This ensures that they are infact giving me the drugs in a vein and not into my flesh as some of what I get has a severe side effect of eating away tissue and flesh. Yummy! Why veins can handle it and not the rest of your body is beyond me and totally creepy.  So I was there waiting almost an hour while they attempted to get a blood return, gave me two doses of the tPA and waited some more. Me being the expert that I have become in the oncology field actually ended up pulling the syringe myself to finally get a return then called the nurse and did one of those “uh so there is blood now…” Pretty sure they wouldn’t have been happy to know I was yanking on my own syringe. Eh get over it. In the mean time they had pulled blood from my arm for labs. Labs came back and I was set to go, had started my pre-hydration and was finally going to get the ball rolling. Mind you this is after I have been there over 2 hours.

Labs finally came back and ta da! My white cell count was hovering at 700, it needs to be over 1000 to administer chemo. So after all of that bliss, I was done for the day. The low count was attributed to the fact that I had started antibiotic for an infection earlier in the week and it was dropping my numbers.

So I headed into work. I figured I might as well get in the last 4 hours of the day. Gotta make that dolla dolla bill! There I go again, getting gangster. I apologize. Bummed it pushed out the final completion of treatment date another week though. I just want to be done!

The lack of treatment did make for a better weekend then I had expected though! NO chemo side effects!  Matt got into town Friday night and we had a pretty good time! Saturday bright and early we got up and went to the Bronco’s training camp. Talk about a good time for free. Not often do you get to sit 20 feet away from the likes of Payton Manning at no cost and watch him run drills, stretch, take snaps and remove his helmet to display and rapidly balding head, and ever growing larger forehead… rough stuff, but I’d still be his wife if asked.

That was followed by breakfast burritos at home for lunch and a hearty nap. Which was followed up with another meal. We tend to eat and sleep whilst together. This time I breaded and baked chicken breasts and did a pesto rub on squash, zucchini, carrots and baked them as well, then tossed them with a lightly pesto’d pasta. (pesto’d is a word now) It was so good! The breast were giant so we split one and I was pretty stoked about the outcome. Guess what we did next? Napped. Again. Then we headed out for the Aziz Ansari show. Holy Moly I love him! He is so honest and real and disturbing and it was beautiful. I still fall back on the idea that I would like to have him for a roommate. The occasional living room banter would be amazing!

That wrapped up the Denver portion of my weekend. Sunday morning I headed back to the mountains with Matt and said farewell to a great friend Tia and her girlfriend. She is heading back to live in Texas. So sad because she is epically hilarious, raunchy and all that I would want in a female buddy. But we plan on heading out to see them next month or in October for some wishful thinking plans we started making a few months ago. If the plan becomes concrete I shall divulge the reasons for a trip to Fort Worth besides to see them. Anyway after they left, Matt turned on a movie and we promptly passes out. Shocker I know.  For some reason this weekend called for major sleeping. Which is fine because I woke up at 4:30 this morning to head back down to Denver and start up yet another work week.  

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