Girls, you be crazy!

It’s midweek following the start of Cycle 5. That was my 9th treatment. I waited to write until now because honestly it kicked my tush and then some this time. I was lucky not to experience nausea much at all with all other treatments but this time. Whoa! I puked Sunday; Monday was ok and then yesterday was straight up nasty!! I puked twice at work before my meds kicked in. So much gross up in my mouth!

Aside from that… I feel pretty good now! And with that being said I don’t plan on much cancer talk in this here post. Instead I’m going to talk about some random thoughts I had and some activities I’ve been doing and have planed to do this weekend.

First. Saturday, before the sickness hit I was a bit stir crazy and headed out to hit up some thrift stores and craft stores. I found a super cute long sleeve striped shirt that is begging for fall to show up. I also went into Fancy Tiger Craft and it happened to be their anniversary so along with a free sticker, t-shirt and tattoo, I got a great rust colored jersey knit material and plan on making a skirt with it. Also going to be cute for fall! My sewing machine has been dormant for some time so I need to bust that out soon and re-group on the creativity.

Rust Jersey Knit, Soon to be Skirt!

Second. This weekend has potential for being awesome. Saturday there is a chance we will be tubing with our awesome friends James and Ally. The company just needs to call them back! Matt and I went a few weeks ago with his super awesome neighbors and that was just on our own, not with a company. Seriously the best summer time fun I have had in years! Anyway… once we are done tubing he is coming back down here to Denver so that we can go to the Aziz Ansari standup show. I am a maj. Parks and Rec fan, in addition to an Aziz fan. He is great in everything. I want to be bff’s with him so bad. Wonder if I could pull the cancer card and get back stage. I may have a thing for those Eastern Indian boys… in addition to cowboys and ranchers of course.I hope to make a night of it. I got a cute new dress, $5.95 on clearance at Target! Hello! I love me some clearance! New wedge sandals that I probably can’t walk in and will end up in flip flops before the night is over and an awesome fake ring. I also picked up a tailored V-neck tee for Matt. He is going to hate me. But hey, I’m tired of always seeing him in black metal band shirts and pants that don’t fit. I need some eye candy to prance around with if I’m dressing up. As dressy as a bald chick can get anyway.

Pretty Ring, $7. Mmmmhmm!

Ok, so the random thought? It sucks to be a dude sometimes. I mean, us females are pretty darn impossible. No, mostly means yes, fine means so not ok, maybe means yes, or no, but it depends… We love to ask the questions that there is no right answer to. Do you like these pants? If he says yes, we automatically decided that he doesn’t know what he is talking about and they actually look pretty lame and then we change 15 more times. If he says no, instantly it’s because we are way too fat, they make us bulge, he thinks we are ugly in general so why would he like them, etc. Now I try to be a super rational female as much as possible. I won’t hold back my thoughts or opinions on most matters with the hubs and mostly if he doesn’t like something, it’s because he is a clueless man and clearly isn’t qualified to answer my questions so I don’t bother asking. Did I just say that? Eh, deal with it. But on occasion I try to get him to answer questions that frankly just make him uncomfortable. Take this recent conversation for example.

Matt dear, are you a boobs guy or a butt guy? His response, I don’t know. My response, yes you do! Don’t lie to me, you can’t answer this wrong, I’m just curious. His response, I like boobs, they are good. Guess I’m not a butt guy. My response, What!? Then clearly you are with the wrong person because I have the world’s biggest butt and, and, and… His response, Oh geez. Now I’m in trouble. My response, no you’re not, I really don’t care what you think, and you’re stuck with me anyway.

See. Nothing rational about me at all in that conversation.

Another example, and this one I can actually blame cancer for. Sorta. See a few weeks ago we were driving. It was a hot day, and thanks to chemo, my body has entered premature menopause. Along with that come insane hot flashes that I can’t even try to explain, I always thought middle aged women were full of it. No. It’s rough stuff! So it’s already hot, the ac in the car is blasting and then a flash bomb of additional heat hits me. Well somehow, the ac button had been hit so it was just blowing cool-ish air. Not cold air. Miss hormonal-raging-beeyotch decided to make an appearance. Suddenly I started asking, screaming… Who turned off the AC, who hit that button?! Well obviously it was one of the two of us sitting there, we are also the only people in the car so unless there is dashboard gnomes roaming around that I am unaware of I already knew the answer. He just started laughing at me. Well, he says, it was me or you, not really sure. I had to laugh; I mean I instantly knew I was being psychotic.

Then there is what I like to call, pardon my mouth, dirty little whores. And by whore I don’t actually mean a prostitute. I mean the girls who intentionally screw with guys heads, lead them on because they know they can, flirt continuously and then completely blindside them with rejections for the ages. You play the game that we all know but choose not to participate in. I’ve been there to a degree. In high school I was pretty neutral when I came to clicks. I played sports so I had the jock friends, I was into media and had some geekier/awkward friends, and I had my regular friends that I had grown up with who were pseudo popular/cool.  I was in a few AP classes so I had some smart/nerdy friends, and I loved me some fun so I had my party/skater/wanna be rock star friends. I really could meld into any social setting. That being said, I also knew which guys were too good for me and which ones I was too good for. And those poor bastards were under my spell. I seemed to attract these weird freakin’ boys and it became a joke amongst my girlfriends. Oh Kaylee and her creepy stalkers. Well see, I played oblivious to my friends… but what was really happening,  was that in my classes or at events where I had to mingle with the weird guys, I might have been overtly flirty, and let my hand linger on their knee too long or play with their weird hair more than normal etc. Then these poor guys, whom I had no intention of being seen in public with, would get up the courage to ask if I wanted to hang out some time. If I wanted to go to a movie, go to their house after school, go just about anywhere… Me being a 16 year old chicken, I couldn’t ever just be up front with them. Instead I just dragged it out. I would make up a million excuses, had to go to practice, do homework, go to work, and had other plans with so and so… I was what I now refer to as a dirty little whore. I slept with no one in high school but I was still jerking around their poor hearts with no shame. Once I was a senior and what not, I chilled out and now in my adulthood I keep flirting to a min. I still get called out for it, by dudes actually. Not by the hubs, he is apparently onto me, but some of my guy friends see it happen with strangers, usually waiters and bartenders. Um I’m sorry, they are cute and I just scored our table a free appetizer or a free round of drinks so calm down. They see my wedding ring, they here me say “my husband”, not my fault. Baaaahahaha! Now I just call every other girl out on it. I know your game girlfriend and you suck!  

There you have it, random thoughts on us females. For no reason at all really. I do have to say though; I love my guy friends and in general have way more of them then females. You all are too crazy dramatic for me, and quite frankly, I have no interest in hearing any of it. I’d rather talk sports, cars, music and fantasy baseball. Thanks.  

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