And the Dr. Says…

Well today, technically yesterday as it is after midnight, I met with my oncologist to discuss the results of my biopsy. After waiting over an hour after my appointment time, love that, I finally saw him. It ended up being a good news/bad news visit.

The good news is there are NO signs of Hodgkin’s in my nodes!

But, and there is always a but…

Bad news is, I resume chemo on Friday for 2 more cycles as a precaution. Blah! I was just getting some decent hair growth back on my perfectly round dome piece. Errr head, sorry I get gangster in my vocab sometimes.

I wasn’t really expecting to be done and I felt pretty indifferent about all of it today. I mean, chemo is going to suck, but I already did 4 months of it and managed just fine, what’s another 2 months? I prefer this option over potentially doing radiation. My doctor said if I do these two cycles, then I won’t have to do any radiation! I am a-ok with that, as the long term and sometimes permanent side affects are of no interest to me!

I start Friday, I planned it so that I feel pretty good by the following weekend. The hubs and I have tickets to see Aziz Ansari standup on the 21st and I am not missing that! He is my Indian man crush, not because I want to look at him so much, I just want to be his roommate and listen to inappropriate jokes while I fix up some Kraft mac and cheese! I’d like any combination of Country singers and ranch hands in my living room for lookin’ at thank you very much.

Biopsy #2. Oh and a classic self portrait in the car. Duh!

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