Hello + Stuff

I hope my sense of humor is one you might vibe with. It’s really all I’ve got.

Creating original content is something I have always wanted. I got lost in motherhood and thought that this site would be my version of a mommy blog. But I hate mommy blogs, why did I want one of my own?

The lack of posting spoke for itself. I don’t want a mommy blog. I have no parenting advice, products or tools I want to hawk. Also, I don’t like your kid, so I don’t care what they are up to, therefore I don’t expect you to care about mine.

Getting lost in parenting and marriage is an ongoing struggle that I am facing. I never thought I would self identify as a mom, and scratching my way back to just me, whoever that is now, has been a process.

I do love design. I recently bought a house that I am working to make a home. That process may pop up from time to time.

I love craft beer. A lot. I run a women’s only MeetUp group in Nashville that allows ladies to converge on the greatest breweries, taprooms + festivals here. It’s an outlet that has led me to beautiful women and friendships I cherish.

The thing I have truly fallen in love with though is comedy. The art, the process, the pain and unadulterated  laughter that stems from it. I hope to use this as a place to relay the fun and the failings I have day to day. They are plentiful. Honestly, they are sometimes fucked up.

Part of creating original content includes a podcast I have been working on. I am not a comedian. But I can get a laugh around a table of friends. I am narcissistic enough to think people might enjoy my perspective on life, but I am also raging with insecurity. It’s a solid combination.

Let’s do the damn thing.

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